Marketing your content and making sure you reach other people is very important. With Wesharez, you can do that in no time. You can advertise on our website via images or video, up to 120 second. The add will post for at least 24 hours, and you need to retain the copyright.

Why should you advertise with us? We are committed to offering you the utmost exposure to upwards of 6k users per month. This can lead to more social traffic, a higher brand reputation, tight customer and reader relationship, not to mention lots of referral traffic. It can even help you with better visibility in search engines.

We know how hard it can be to reach new customers, that’s why you need direct access to the best solutions and features. We are here to assist and we guarantee you will be impressed with the results and benefits every time. Just give us a try for yourself, harness the great benefits of Wesharez advertising, and we guarantee you will have no problem reaching more people and generating the growth and exposure you need!

Buying an ad
1. To start, email to confirm availability of your placement and cost. Once placement and costs are confirmed, please make payment by PayPal to confirm your inventory along with creative assets by providing the following:
2. Title, Thumbnail – .jpg, link to web page destination url.

no adult/xxx, no overt nudity, gun, drug, middle finger, gore. link to web page destination url.
3. Once payment has been made, please forward proof of payment to [email protected] and the ad will activate onsite within 2-5 days. If after the 5 day you don’t see the Ad up, please email [email protected]
4. Once the ad placement has been purchased and activated on the site, buyer acknowledges there are no refunds.

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